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Mamiya 645 1000s MEDIUM FORMAT with Sekor 80mm f2.8 MINT CONDITION
$165.0 GBP - 2 bids
Mamiya M645 Body with cap ,cover plate+2 x 120 roll film inserts incl P&P
Buy: $89.0 GBP
Mamiya M645J Body with cap,cover plate & 120 roll film insert incl P&P
Buy: $99.0 GBP
Beautifully refinished Mamiya Press with 90mm lens and 6x9/6x6/6x4.5 film back.
$299.99 GBP
Mamiya 35mm SLR camera w/ 48mm f1.9 Mamiya-Sekor Lens **NOT WORKING*
$4.99 GBP
Mamiya M645 1000s Medium Format Film Camera * Tested & Fully Working
$72.99 GBP
MAMIYA 0rig branded M645/Super/Pro LENS HOOD(58mm thread)  VGC/EX
$11.95 GBP
Mamiya 645 1000s Medium Format SLR Film Camera with 80mm Lens
Buy: $360.0 GBP
Mamiya ZM Quartz 35mm SLR Film camera body
$22.99 GBP
Buy: $13.0 GBP
Mamiya 7ii Camera Body + 80mm F4 lens
Buy: $1500.0 GBP
MAMIYA 645 +645 Super/Pro GRID-type focus'g screenN TypeA4 *UNUSED/boxed/instrs
$35.0 GBP
Mamiya M645 Camera With 80mm Lens. Comes With A Catalogue.
Buy: $450.0 GBP
Mamiya Sekor C 45mm F2.8 Super Wide Angle Lens for Mamiya 645, Pro TL M645 1000s
Buy: $150.0 GBP
Mamiya C33 Professional c/w 80mm F2.8 Blue Dot lens  NEW LIGHT SEALS
Buy: $219.95 GBP
Mamiya Rank 35mm Film Rangefinder Manual Camera w/ 40mm F2.8 Lens - Ex++
$59.95 GBP
MAMIYA SEKOR CS Mount 135mm f 2.8 Lens - Superb Condition
$37.99 GBP
Mamiya 645 1000s PD Prism Finder S TTL metered+case+Instructions P&P incl
Buy: $79.0 GBP
MAMIYA-SEKOR C LENS Telephoto 210mm f4 FOR M645+back cap case P&P Incl
Buy: $49.0 GBP
Mamiya TLR f4.5 135mm Lens (402211). Condition - 6G [7515]
Buy: $57.95 GBP
Mamiya M645 120 Insert Film Holder with box
Buy: $13.0 GBP
Mamiya RB67 Professional S Camera
Buy: $450.0 GBP
Mamiya 645 150mm f4 Lens for Pro, Pro TL, Super, 1000S, 645J etc.
$74.99 GBP
[EXC+5] MAMIYA 645 SUPER AE w/Sekor c 80mm F2.8 Power Winder Grip120 Film.Instru
Buy: $460.0 GBP
Mamiya 7 Kit - Medium Format 6 x7 Rangefinder Film Camera with 43 & 65mm Lenses
Buy: $2775.0 GBP
MAMIYA RZ67 Pro II Medium Format Film Camera KIT + 3 Lenses
Buy: $1750.0 GBP
Buy: $1895.0 GBP
Mamiya C330 Professional S Body Only GOOD CONDITION C330S NEW LIGHT SEALS
Buy: $219.95 GBP
Mamiya C330 w/80mm Blue Dot. Just serviced.  (406200). Condition - 3E [6991]
Buy: $374.95 GBP
MAMIYA C3 TLR Film Medium Format Manual Camera + MAMIYA SEKOR 105mm F3.5 Lens
$284.99 GBP
Mamiya M645 Super with Sekor C 80mm f2.8 120 Film Back Waist Level Finder Crank
$499.82 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 250mm f4.5 Lens, perfect working order
$89.95 GBP
Mamiya 645 PRO TL with Sekor C 80mm f2.8 120 Film Back Waist Level Finder WG401
$649.82 GBP
Mamiya M645 Super Medium Format SLR Film Camera with 80mm Lens + Extras -BB- <br/> **3 MONTH WARRANTY**
$499.99 GBP
Mamiya Press Camera Body and 120 Film back. Condition - 6E [6317]
Buy: $141.14 GBP
Mamiya Universal Camera Outfit w/ 100mm f3.5. Condition - 5E [7425]
Buy: $282.31 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 Pro Camera Body w/ Screen (526010). Condition - 6E [7808]
Buy: $189.95 GBP
Mamiya RB67 ProSD Camera Body. Boxed (Y21010). Condition - 4E [7734]
Buy: $349.95 GBP
Mamiya 77mm filter Y2
Buy: $17.99 GBP
Mamiya C330 Pro F BUNDLE!
Buy: $895.0 GBP
Mamiya RB67 ProSD Camera Body. Just serviced (Y21010). Condition - 4E [6976]
Buy: $349.95 GBP
Mamiya M645 Super Body Only / 6x4.5 Medium Format Film SLR Camera (GC14156)
$184.82 GBP
Mamiya RB67 Pro S Medium Format SLR Film Camera with 90mm Lens, bag & tripod
Buy: $900.0 GBP
Mamiya C220 Professional Camera w/ 80mm f3.7 (406101). Condition - 4C [7693]
Buy: $279.95 GBP
Vintage Mamiya C33 Professional 120 Medium Format Camera c/w 105mm f/3.5 Lens.
$189.95 GBP
Mamiya 645 Prism Finder * For:500 1000S M645 645J etc.. * Read Listing
$44.99 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Medium Format Film Camera Body lens kit + free procamera case
Buy: $1999.0 GBP
Mamiya Sekor C, 110mm F2.8 *ALL PARTS*
Buy: $55.0 GBP
Mamiya MSX 500 - Good Condition - High Shutter Speeds Working
Buy: $30.0 GBP
Mamiya 135 - 35mm Range Finder - Working Properly
$44.0 GBP
Mamiya Press / Universal / Super 23 250mm f5 lens, near mint condition
$289.95 GBP
Mamiya ZM Quartz 35mm SLR Film camera w/ Mamiya 50mm f1.7 Prime Lens (V104028)
Buy: $59.99 GBP
Mamiya 645 300mm f5.6 ULD N lens, excellent + condition, with caps
$149.95 GBP
Mamiya 645 120 Insert, excellent condition
$19.95 GBP
Mamiya press super23, universal etc. Sekor P 75mm f/5.6
Buy: $200.0 GBP
Mamiya 645 80mm f1.9 lens (301007). Condition - 4E [7213]
Buy: $329.95 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 Z f2.8 110mm M Lens. Just serviced (521021). Condition - 4C [6621]
Buy: $349.95 GBP
Mamiya Sekor Fisheye Z 37mm f/4.5 W lens
Buy: $500.0 GBP
Mamiya 645 Super Polaroid Back, boxed, instructions, near mint condition
$24.95 GBP
Mamiya CdS Finder for RB67 Magnifying Hood Chimney Finder Incl P&P
Buy: $49.0 GBP
35 mm film camera mamiya ze2 quartz - spare or repair
Buy: $22.95 GBP
Mamiya 645 145mm f4.0 SF Soft Focus lens, excellent condition
$199.95 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 Pro Focusing Screen Matte, excellent + condition
$44.95 GBP
Mama RZ67 ProIID System
Buy: $4000.0 GBP
Mamyia 645 AE Prism Finder
Buy: $95.0 GBP
Mamiya- Sekor  RZ67 75mm shift f4.5 W lens i
Buy: $500.0 GBP
Mamiya 80mm F/2.8 AF Lens Mamiya AFD Phase One
Buy: $180.0 GBP
New Mamiya 6 Medium Format Rangefinder Film Camera with G 75mm f/3.5L Excellent
$1225.08 GBP
Mamiya Sekor C 35mm f/3.5 Prime Lens AF * For: 645 Super 645 Pro TL M645 1000s
$255.99 GBP
Excellent Condition Mamiya RZ 500mm F6 Apo-Sekor Z Prime Lens
Buy: $625.0 GBP
Mamiya APO 300mm F2.8 Lens
Buy: $2750.0 GBP
Mamiya 645 75-150mm f4.5 zoom, with case, near mint condition, with caps
$169.95 GBP
Mamiya M645 80mm f4 Macro Lens (302515). Condition - 3E [6433]
Buy: $201.03 GBP
mamiya/sekor 528TL 35mm Film SLR Manual Camera with 48mm F2.8 Lens - EX++
$74.99 GBP
Mamiya 645 afd + 80mm F/1.9  + 80mm F/2.8  + 150mm F/3.5 + 120/220 back
Buy: $1550.0 GBP
MAMIYA 7, 7ii 43mm f4.5 L N Wide Angle, 21mm equiv + Finder, Boxed. MINT****
$849.99 GBP
Mamiya RB67 pro SD proSD Medium Format Film Camera body only [EXCELLENT+] y683
$167.12 GBP
Mamiya 75mm Shift Z Lens Sekor F4.5 W for RZ67 Camera range
Buy: $299.95 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 90mm f3.5 W Lens (521011). Condition - 5E [7809]
Buy: $149.95 GBP
[Rare/ Mint] Mamiya 645 PRO TL Camera w/SEKOR C 80mm f/2.8 N Lens JAPAN R4883
$466.11 GBP
Camera Mamiya Press Sekor 90mm lens focusing screen ground glass back very rare
Buy: $297.0 GBP
【AMAZING SET!!】 Mamiya RZ67 Pro II w/ 110mm Lens AE II Finder Winder Polaroid
$1264.94 GBP
Mamiya Sekor C 35mm f/3.5 lens for Mamiya 645 EXC++
$285.0 GBP
Mamiya RB67 180mm KL 4.5/180L-A Lens. Pristine (Y21350). Condition - 2E [6969]
Buy: $249.95 GBP
Mamiya 645 Teleplus 2x Converter, excellent + condition
$39.95 GBP
Mamiya 645AF Macro MF 120mm F4 lens in excellent condition+++
$449.99 GBP
【Exc4】MAMIYA C330 PRO TLR Camera + SEKOR 80mm F2.8 Blue dot lens From Japan #46
$306.65 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 'Z' 50mm f4.5 W Lens (522111). Condition - 3E [7723]
Buy: $184.95 GBP
Mamiya RB67 140mm F4.5 Mamiya-Sekor Macro C Lens RZ67 compatible GOOD CONDITION
Buy: $139.95 GBP
Mamiya-Sekor C 55mm 1:2.8 N for Mamiya 645 SUPER 645 PRO TL M645 1000s (135693)
$194.82 GBP
"EXC+++++" Mamiya RZ67 Pro Medium Format Film Camera Body w/ AE Prism Finder 674
$337.24 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 140mm FLOATING Macro M/L-A Lens (522511). Condition - 4E [6607]
Buy: $224.95 GBP
Mamiya 135mm f/4.5 Twin Lens
$299.99 GBP
【NEAR MINT】MAMIYA 645 PRO W/ SV PRISM FINDER,135 Film Back, A 80mm f/2.8 N/L
$382.47 GBP
[AB- Exc] Mamiya 645 PRO Camera w/SEKOR C 80mm f/2.8 N, AE Finder, 120 Back 5209
$443.12 GBP
Mamiya RB_120/220_Motorised Roll-Film Back_Used_Easy_Handling_Fast_Loading.
$68.0 GBP
Mamiya C33 Twin Lens Reflex Camera with 65mm f/3.5
$150.0 GBP
Mamiya N 150mm f4.5 L lens for Mamiya 7 or 7 II
Buy: $255.0 GBP
Mamiya M645 80mm f2.8 Lens (301015). Condition - 3E [7079]
Buy: $164.95 GBP
Mamiya RZ67 Pro Camera Body w/ Screen & Finder (526010). Condition - 4E [7733]
Buy: $299.95 GBP