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MOSER Bohemian CZECH CRISTALUX cut to clear cabochon gold Biedermeier BOWL 8”
Buy: $250.0 GBP
Bohemian Czech Biedermeier Cobalt Blue Clear Glass Perfume Bottle Enameled
$916.0 GBP
Buy: $1695.0 GBP
Meissen Biedermeier Coffee Pot Gold trim, Pink Roses & Animal Spout. 1850-1924
Buy: $300.0 GBP
Bohemian Czech Biedermeier Era Glass Cup / Goblet with Wartburg Castle
$375.0 GBP
Bavarian china vegetable dishes . Isolde design. Two dishes.
$15.0 GBP
Precious Vase Potiche Crystal Bevelled Ruby Red Bohemian Biedermeier Gold
Buy: $513.08 GBP
Bohemian Czech Biedermeier Amber Glass Cup / Goblet
$375.0 GBP
Echt Weimar Kobalt Blue Jutta Bavaria Germany Porcelain Plate Gold Flowers 10"
$85.0 GBP
Precious Crystal Vase Bohemian Blue Bevelled Etched Painted Biedermeier
Buy: $603.74 GBP
Antique Large Continental German Dresden Volkstedt Flower Encrusted Vase Urn 19c
$895.0 GBP
Beautiful, Old Porcelain Figurine__Biedermeier Couple at the Picnic__Marked__
Buy: $74.87 GBP
Wonderful Rarity Biedermeier Spice Ruby Red Glass Bowl on Silver Foot
Buy: $199.09 GBP
Bohemian Czech Biedermeier Turquoise Uranium Gilded Glass Perfume Bottle
$645.0 GBP
Antique Continental German Porcelain Figurine Archangel Michael Healing Lady Dog
$1295.0 GBP
Biedermeier Memory Cup Traunkirchen Voluten Henkel Top
Buy: $75.14 GBP
Biedermeier Cut Glass Cup Goblet Friedrich Egermann Clear Blue Engraved Bohemian
$199.0 GBP
Antique Georgian Period Bohemian Silesian Engraved Glass Wine Goblet c1780
$280.0 GBP
Precious Stem Glass Crystal Bohemian Engraved Bevelled Style Biedermeier Forest
Buy: $607.93 GBP
Antique Georgian Austro Bohemian Silesian Engraved Glass Wine Goblet c1780
$225.0 GBP
Precious Vase Cup Crystal Bohemian Ruby Red Etched Bevelled Biedermeier
Buy: $416.0 GBP
Rarity Biedermeier Children's Mug Augarten Ca.1830!
Buy: $460.09 GBP
From the Biedermeier Period Carlsbader Coffee Set Green White 2 Piece!
Buy: $86.37 GBP
Antique Biedermeier Porcelain Sammeltasse, Andenken-Tasse
Buy: $82.39 GBP